Fairbanks A.A.R. Combo Truck/Rail Scale

Fairbanks A.A.R. Combo Truck/Rail Scale

Fully Electronic Pit-Type Railroad / Truck Scale
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Product Description

Allied Measurement Systems Corporation is the Heavy Capacity Specialist in the Illinois and Northern Indiana Area featuring products like the Fairbanks A.A.R Combo Truck/Rail Scale. The Reinforced concrete deck has been designed for both railcar and truck loading. The recessed rails support the railcar traffic while the reinforced concrete deck allows for accurate weighing of trucks.

Additional Information


Platform Lengths: 60, 66, 70, 72, & 80 / Platform Width: 10


A.A.R Combo Pit-Type Railroad / Truck Scale


Fairbanks Scales

Capacity / Weight

Gross: 360 tons / Sectional: 180 tons