Fairbanks Aegis Industrial Coil Scale

Fairbanks Aegis Industrial Coil Scale

  • Designed to Handle Incredibly High Concentrated Loads
  • (Coil Cradle Accessory Sold Separately)

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Product Description

  • Allied Measurement Systems Corporation is the Heavy Capacity Specialist in the Illinois and Northern Indiana Area featuring products like the Fairbanks Aegis Coil Scale. The Aegis Coil Scale design is superior to all competitive offerings and is ideal for weighing steel, aluminum and copper coils, as well as billets, castings and cable spools. It features a free-floating platform and rocker column load cell design that ensures repeatable and extremely accurate weighments for the life of the scale.
  • Fairbanks Aegis Coil Scale has the highest number of division sizes available for a commercial, legal-for-trade coil scale. Since this is the ultimate NTEP-approved coil weighing device, material handling time is greatly reduced because coils will never have to be moved to another scale for approved weighing. This scale can also be installed next to your coiler for quick and convenient weighing.

Additional Information


Width x Length: 4×4 to 10×10 / Height: 12 to 16 / Type A36 Carbon Steel


Aegis Industrial Coil Scale


Fairbanks Scales

Capacity / Weight

30,000 lb – 80,000 lb