Fairbanks Aegis xtreme-Duty Industrial Floor Scale

  • Designed to Handle Incedibly High Concentrated Loads
  • NTEP CC# 07-097 / MC AM-4956 (some models)

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Product Description

  • Allied Measurement Systems Corporation is the Heavy Capacity Specialist in the Illinois and Northern Indiana Area featuring products like the Fairbanks Aegis x-Treme Duty Floor Scale. The Aegis xtreme-Duty floor scale satisfies a unique need in the market – capturing accurate weight from extremely high-capacity forklifts and large/heavy bulk storage containers. However, its flexible design and unique accessories also make it a perfect fit for many other extreme industrial applications.
  • The xtreme-Duty platform sits in a frame that is made to handle concentrated loads from all standard and most non-standard forklifts. Fairbanks offers gently sloping ramps for above-grade applications and easy access pit frames for flush-grade applications.
  • Fairbanks uses a stainless steel rocker culumn load cell. Utilizing this design provides the most accurate and repeatable weighments because load introduction is the same every time. The “true” hermetic, IP69K seal offers the highest degree of protection available for any load cell manufactured.

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Fairbanks Scales


Aegis xtreme Duty Floor Scale


Width x Length: 4’x4′ to 6’x8′ / Height: 8″ to 9″ / Type A36 Carbon Steel