Fairbanks Talon HVX Truck Scale

Fairbanks Talon HVX Truck Scale

Orthotropic Solid Steel Deck Truck Scale

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Product Description

  • Allied Measurement Systems Corporation is the Heavy Capacity Specialist in the Illinois and Northern Indiana Area featuring products like the Fairbanks Talon HVX Truck Scale. Experience a scale like no other. The Fairbanks Talon Field Pour boasts the longest-lasting construction of any truck scale in the industry. Built on a proven orthotropic design, the Talon has numerous design achievements that stand out over the competition. With tens of thousands of Fairbanks truck scales sold to date, the Talon is sure to be a great addition to your weighing system.
  • The Solid deck design places the load cells in easily accessible and serviceable areas beneath the scale, instead of inside the deck, Fairbanks has eliminated the need for cover plates.This design ensures a more structurally sound scale deck that resists metal fatigue, deflection, and internal deck cracks. The Talon also features Intalogix Technology, Encapsulated Circuit Boards, Incredibly strong modules,built to federal bridge standards, Cabling protected with ArmourGuard stainless steel sheathing, True hermetically sealed load cells, as well as Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Standard widths: 10, 11, 12
  • Orthotropic structural steel design
  • Understructure: Open bottom
  • Deck: Site poured concrete over 1/4 steel plate with 7 steel I-beam supports, multiple 6 and 10 for HV and multiple 6 and 12 for HVX
  • Concrete Deck Thickness: 10 for HV, 12 for HVX
  • Approvals: NTEP CC# 96-089 MC# AM-4949
  • Capacity: 66,000 lbs for HV & 100,000 lbs for HVX
  • Legal-for-trade dump-through modules have an all-steel design available in custom sizes/ placements.

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Standard Width(s): 10, 11 and 12


Talon HV / HVX


Fairbanks Scales

Capacity / Weight

HV: 66,000 lbs / HVX: 100,000 lbc