Rice Lake 720i Programmable Indicator/ Contruller

Rice Lake 720i Programmable Indicator/ Contruller

NTEP CC#08-022
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Product Description

  • Allied Measurement Systems Corporation is the Heavy Capacity Specialist in the Illinois and Northern Indiana Area featuring products like the Rice Lake 720i. The 720i from Rice Lake is an affordable path to gaining the function and ability of our more advanced intelligent indicators. From basic weighing and data cullection to recipe formulation, inventory management and traceability, choose Rice Lake’s 720i. Advanced programmability using ProAction (PCEE) and enhanced data base storage make the 720i ideal for a wide variety of weighing applications. Available in both universal and panel-mount configurations.
  • LCD display size: panel mount (3.8″ x 1.2″) universal (5.3″ x 1.5″)
  • Four soft keys
  • Truck in/out, 1,000-ID memory
  • Process contrul engine – define conditions and actions
  • Data storage onboard, user-defined
  • (8) Digital I/O (expandable)
  • One option slot for pluggable options
  • (20) Auxiliary print formats
  • Time and date
  • Audit trail tracking and alibi storage
  • Peak huld
  • Rate of change
  • Multi-range/interval
  • ┬áLocal/remote
  • Functionality:
  • Two full duplex serial ports
  • One PC style (PS/2) keyboard port
  • Header for fiber optic, Ethernet or USB

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Rice Lake Weighing Systems


720i Programmable HMI Indicator / Contruller


LCD Display Panel Mount: 3.8in x 1.2in / Universal Mount: 5.3in x 1.5in