Rice Lake SURVIVOR ATV Portable Truck Scale

Rice Lake SURVIVOR ATV Portable Truck Scale

Fully Electronic Portable Flat-top Steel Deck Portable Truck Scale

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Product Description

  • Allied Measurement Systems Corporation is the Heavy Capacity Specialist in the Illinois and Northern Indiana Area featuring products like the Rice Lake SURVIVOR ATV Portable Truck Scale. The SURVIVOR ATV contains all of the benefits of the SURVIVOR line, durability, longevity and consistency, all with the added feature of portability. The ATV features an extremely low 20-inch profile, and provides easy setup and expandability for road construction, timber operations and growing businesses where portability is a necessity.
  • The factory-wired, self-contained modules make installing, relocating and expanding the ATV Series fast and easy. These preassembled modules–from 10 to 30 feet long–and unique self-seating hinge connectors are the key to its easy portability. The ATV boasts more steel, the strongest weighbridge, and higher quality construction for long-lasting durability and performance. Standard end-positioned clean outs ease debris removal to help maintain scale accuracy.
  • Three standard widths: 10, 11, and 12 (available up to 14, NTEP-certified)
  • 75,000 lb load cells and pre-assembled G-Force ™ mounts
  • Up to 270,000 lb full scale capacity
  • Top access for electronics
  • NTEP-certified, CC #02-003A2
  • 100,000 lb Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC)
  • 100,000 lb Dual Tandem Axle (DTA)
  • End clean out
  • 5-year weighbridge warranty
  • Span deflection ratio (1:1100) for legal highway loads

Additional Information

Capacity / Weight

CLC 100,000 lbs / Gross Capacity 270,000 lbs


Rice Lake Weighing Systems


Survivor ATV Portable


Standard Width(s): 10, 11, and 12; Lengths from 10 – 30 long