Rice Lake Weigh Modules/ Mount Assemblies

Rice Lake Weigh Modules/ Mount Assemblies

RL 1800 Series Mild Steel / Stainless Steel Weigh Modules
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Product Description

  • Allied Measurement Systems Corp is the Heavy Capacity Specialist in the Illinois and Northern Indiana Area Featuring products like the Rice Lake Weigh Modules/ Mount Assemblies. Selecting a high-quality weigh module involves factors such as working environment and loading conditions. Based on these and other design specifications, Rice Lake Weighing Systems experienced engineering and design staff created the most comprehensive line of weight modules available. We offer over 20 different mount styles, including the industrys only waterproof-guaranteed weigh modules. Complete mounting kits are available with our weigh modules, simplifying the selection and installation processes.
  • Mild Steel
  • Rice Lake Weighing Systems manufactures a large variety of mild steel weigh modules to meet all types of weighing applications. Most are painted with a protective epoxy paint a few models are zinc plated for added protection and coupled with alloy steel load cells, they provide a cost effective solution to many weighing applications. Custom sizes are available upon request.
  • RL 1800
  • The RL1800 Series Mounting Assembly Kit utilizes several Rice Lake Weighing Systems components to provide an unmatched level of performance in tank and hopper weighing applications. The RL1800 Series kit is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor process control operations with medium-range capacities. Each module combines multi-directional movement and self-checking capabilities. The RL3000W and RL35023S load cells used are NTEP certified in capacities of 1,000 lb to 10,0000 lb.
  • Stand Features Capacities (per module): 250-10,000 lb (113.4-4535.9 kg) NTEP-certified cells in 1,000-10,000 lb (453.6-4535.9kg) capcaities (except 3,000 lb [1360.9 kg] Zinc plated mild steel/ stainless steel construction, Center-pivoted, tension loading design, Self-checking, multi-directional movement, Load is suspended on high-strength bolt instead of wire rope, Design incorporates spherical washers for self centering, Stainless steel kit includes RL35023S NTEP-certified load cell.

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25ft Cable / Zinc plated mild steel/stainless steel construction


RL 1800 Series


Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Capacity / Weight

Capacities (per module): 250-10,000 lb