WTX Avery Weigh-Tronix Railweight

WTX Avery Weigh-Tronix Railweight

Modular Pitless Railroad Track Scale (NTEP COC# 96-071)
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Product Description

  • Allied Measurement Systems Corporation is the Heavy Capacity Specialist in the Illinois and Northern Indiana Area featuring products like the Avery-WeighTronix Railweight. Railweight consists of a range of modular, low profile railroad track scales designed to comply with Cooper E-80 loading, AAR Scale Handbook and NIST Handbook 44 requirements for commercial weighing.
  • Recommended indicator: E1310

Additional Information


1st Module Length: 126 or 26 / 2nd Module Length: None, 126 or 26


Railweight (RPL12; RPL12-12; RPL12-26; RPL26-26)


WTX Avery Weigh-Tronix

Capacity / Weight

Combined Nominal Capacity: 85 ton, 170 ton, 200 ton, or 230 ton