Every scale and measuring device requires maintenance, occasional
repair, and calibration to sustain a high level of accuracy and
functionality. Allied Measurement Systems Corporation provides services
and support on a comprehensive line of measurement devices. We are
committed to our customers, offering same day service as well as
emergency repair service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
With 40 plus years of experience, we have the expertise to handle all
of your service requirements for scales, balances and force gauges. Our
ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation ensures that employees performing service
activities are trained on the appropriate and recognized

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Allied Measurement Systems offers the following services to keep
your equipment running problem-free.

Service Personnel

All of our technicians attend manufacturer’s training schools on a
regular basis. We will continue to make this training a commitment to
better serve our customers with higher quality service personnel. Our
technicians are also certified through many client specific safety
training programs.

Customer Service

Our customer service department strives to achieve complete customer
satisfaction. We continually monitor service personnel’s performance,
insure the quality of new products or replacement parts, and the
accuracy of test reports.

About Our Quality System

In 2000, Allied Measurement Systems was an early adopter of the
17025 standard in our industry and has adopted the standard not only to
meet customer requirements but as a basis of continual improvement in
our processes. By incorporating proficiency testing, statistical
analysis, and uncertainty estimates of all our calibration process, we
are always working towards and achieving more precise measurements.

Equipment Calibration

The process of calibration is simply the comparison between a known
standard, such as our weights, with the unit under test. However, in
order to achieve accurate results from any measurement device, the unit
under test also needs to be properly adjusted and maintained. Our focus
on the mechanical fields of weight, force, and torque allows us to have
the expertise necessary to perform proper adjustments, repair the
equipment we calibrate, and perform proper preventative maintenance. In
addition, we are able to provide the expertise necessary to ensure that
equipment is being used in a way that maximizes both efficiency and

We are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by Perry Johnson, who is a full member
of ILAC. All of our calibration weights and other standards are
traceable to the appropriate SI unit through NIST.


Many consider scale calibration to be a simple task: put a weight on
the scale and record what it reads. However, understanding how
repeatability, linearity, and shift errors affect the weighing process
requires experienced technicians and with the backing of an
organization committed to continual improvement. AMS has been working
with scales since 1973, and we bring this experience to every scale
calibration we perform.


The precision of balances requires additional understanding and
experience. Maintaining weights necessary to calibrate analytical
balances requires much more than sending standards out for calibration
once a year. We analyze the minute weight change in our standards over
time and adjust our calibration cycles to ensure that our calibration
weights have the highest level of accuracy.


With resolutions of 0.1 μg or (0.0000001g), microbalances are more
accurate than the tolerance of calibration weights. In order to
accurately calibrate these units, we’ve expanded on the manufacturers’
procedures to maximize the accuracy and reduce the uncertainties of the
calibration process.

Crane Scales

While smaller cranes scales can be tested with weights, higher
capacity units require specialized calibration presses. At Allied
Measurement Systems we have the unique capability of calibrating crane
scales up to 250,000 lbs.


Like crane scales, dynamometers (sometimes referred to as tension
links) require calibration presses in order to reach the higher

Wheel Weighers Truck Scales

Wheel weighers truck scales, also known as weigh pads, allow a truck
or aircraft to be weighed by placing one under each wheel. At Allied
Measurement Systems we have the capabilities to calibrate wheel
weighers up to 60,000 lbs., using our calibration press with NIST
traceable load cells. By testing all the way to the capacity of the
scale, we ensure that you are able to achieve accurate results.

Load Cells

Load cells are the sensors used in scales; however, they are also
used to monitor forces in all sorts of applications. Utilizing weights
and high precision load cell standards, we use ASTM E4 calibration
procedures to accurately calibrate all types of load cells in tension
and compression up to 250,000 lbs. We offer mV/V, 0-10 volt, and 0-20mA

Fabricating Service

Our in-house fabrication services enable us to manufacture add-on
options for all truck scales, such as open grate walkways, stair
platforms, and safety handrails.

System Integration

Equipment for weighing and measuring is of little use without the
means to collect and analyze the data generated. When you rent or
purchase scales from Allied Measurement Systems Corp. we’ll help you
create a fully integrated weighing system including measuring
equipment, scanners, printers, PLCs, and computers. We can also help
you bridge the gap between existing systems and new equipment. For each
integration, we take care to analyze all aspects of your current
equipment, environment, requirements, and long-term goals. Our systems
offer several unique advantages:

  • Improves bottom line by providing increased control
  • Lower level controllers are able to complete jobs correctly and
    efficiently due to standardized results
  • Enhances the accuracy of complete inventory control

Proper planning prior to the construction phase of a project ensures
high-quality results. During the planning phase, we do the

  • Establish detailed construction schedule, highlighting all
    activities including purchasing, fabrication, shop drawing
    production, and construction work in place
  • Order and expedite the delivery of all material
  • Implement management control of all project activities
  • Prepare and implement subcontract agreements and purchase

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